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Finally, a business card tailored just for you.

Zero fees

We believe that businesses deserve to transact without any annual fees.

Expense management

ComCard integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks, making your bookkeeping a lot easier.

No personal guarantee

Apply with no personal obligations and no hard pull on your personal credit history.

One card for every business use

Fill your wallet with money, not cards. ComCard gives you better rewards in the places you professionally shop.

Cashback credits

With ComCard, you get awesome cashback rewards by spending at stores you already professionally shop. Maximize cashback credits by paying off your balances more often.

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Receipt management art

Mission control dashboard

Keep tabs on project specific expenses, get organized reports for every cardholder, and did we mention that you don't have to worry about losing receipts anymore?

Receipt Manager 2.0

Keep track and organize the expenses of your entire team in real time. Get automatic notifications when a purchase is made and be notified if it was not booked properly. You can even send reminders to your team to book expenses.

Fraud control

Deactivate a card with just one click. Also, be rest assured that you'll never be liable for purchases you didn't make.

Virtual cards

With ComCard virtual cards, eliminate the chances of losing your card or having it stolen.

Cashback Locator

No matter where your business takes you, get the best deals and the most cashback credits with our Cashback Locator.

Custom alerts

Set up custom email or text alerts so that you're always aware of your card’s activity.

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Cashback Locator App
Custom alert notification on iPhone
auto sync

QuickBooks integration

Automatically sync your card expenses with QuickBooks. This process lets you seamlessly manage and take control of receipt and expense reconciliation, and stay current on your reporting at all times.

Flexible credit application process

With personal guarantee

With personal guarantee

Apply for ComCard with your personal credit score.

No personal guarantee

Connect your company checking account and provide basic information about your company.

Debit as credit

Debit as credit

All transactions will be backed by your company’s checking account.

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